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Make your voice heard and vote on a poll, take a short survey or send us a message! 


What have you always wanted to learn? 

        What do you enjoy and would like to pursue further? 

               What skill or knowledge could you share?   


   Do you know someone who would be a great instructor? 

         Is there a club that needs a place to meet? 

               Do you have an idea for a community project or    

                              collaboration with another group?

Above all, we are community driven

      We want to connect your interests with local people

                                                          who have those skills to share. 

To accomplish this, we need to hear from you! We want to listen!




Your feedback will help us to create the programs

                                                                          that you

                                             want to see!

Our newly renovated 6,000 sq. ft. building uniquely houses

a variety of flexible spaces that present an assortment of uses, all under one roof!

      Seconds away from I-83 and East Market Street, and minutes away from Rt. 30, Ryan Center for the Arts is conveniently located in the Elmwood neighborhood                                                                            across the street from the Belmont Theatre.

Welcome to Ryan Center for the Arts


As the newest addition to York’s arts, culture and wellness scene,

we strive to offer enriching programs, classes, events, projects & rentals to support and inspire your creative spirit.

Paintbrush Sketch.png
Paintbrush Sketch.png
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Create ~ Gather ~ Relax

Ryan Center for the Arts

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